Halloween Hangover

Does anybody else wake up the day after Halloween and think “What did I just DO last night?” It quickly sets in that I willingly dressed my kids up in a ridiculous costume and encouraged them to fill there pillow case with as much candy as they could grab. All the while participating in the madness by stuffing handfuls of candy into my neighbours kids!!!…and there was NO alcohol involved in this scenario!

Today a friend reminded me of something that is an important issue especially the day after Halloween (and no I am not talking about how many mini chocolates bars I consumed!),  I am talking about  Red food dye.

I have blogged about this previously and so for some of you this might just be a reminder as well. And if this is the first time you are hearing about the dangers of our children consuming red food dye, then I am excited to be a part of your new awareness!

Here is a great article by Dr. Mercola on artificial food dyes;


For most of us at parents, this time of year is a tricky time to maneuver through. On the one hand it feels so amazing to watch our kids get all ramped up on the idea of collecting candy. The wonderment in their eyes is almost too much cuteness per square inch. However on the other hand, we cringe at the realization that there is now more junk food in our home in one night than the total amount that passes through in an entire YEAR! We set ourselves up and then suffer the consequences of experiencing the worst versions of our kids for the next few weeks.

And WHY?…oh ya,  because they are stuffed into an adorable animal suit with only a couple of chubby cheeks sticking out and they all of a sudden believe that you have single-handedly created this utopia where fairies bounce down our streets and adults toss Smarties out their front door 🙂

Okay so I am being a total bummer right now 😦 For the most part we make it through each year and our children are no worse for wear. But lets not kid ourselves, red food dye is no joke. It is detrimental to our children’s health and it should be avoided at all costs. I recently read this article in the Huffington Post about this very thing…


The most surprising part for me was the understanding that a few major candy manufacturers actually have an alternative to petroleum based red food dye in their products. Since red food dye is banned in Europe companies like Mars use natural food dyes for their European supply. What? Is it that simple. Why then are we not demanding the same treatment!?!

It only takes a few minutes to rummage through your Halloween candy and pick out the items that have this mood-altering, headache-making, hyperactivity-causing ingredient. And if you are not willing to remove the Skittles or M&Ms or Smarties then at least educate your kids to take out the red ones when then rip open the package…but seriously, blue food dye is not much better! Sorry if I have ruined your buzz 😦

I wish all you parents out there peace and patience during these difficult times 😉