About Emily

My name is Emily Goulet and I am a Holistic Nutritionist.  Most importantly I am a mother,  which is what catapulted me into the wonderful and complex world of eating live, natural and whole foods. My original interest came when my daughter was born in 2001 and had digestive issues even with a simple mother’s milk diet. Through my own process of elimination I determined that once I eliminated dairy from my diet her whole disposition changed for the better. Over time, and general societal persuasion, by the age of 2 she was back to eating dairy regularly. Throughout the years she has struggled with asthma and until recently through a food allergy test, we didn’t fully understand her sensitivities to dairy and gluten.  In 2009 when my son was born, I made the decision for myself to change the way our family eats. More consciously. More cleanly. Reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Saffron Faer was another pivotal point in my thinking of what I am eating and what am I feeding my family. This new way of thinking also  lead me to change my career in the design industry and pursue Holistic Nutrition. I graduated in August 2012 and am now eager and passionate about sharing what I have learned and experienced through this blog. I am not strictly vegan, as Kathy Preston would say ” I lean” into it but all of my recipes will be delicious vegetarian fare.
I always encourage people to as much as possible eat organic (lessening the toxic load on the body), eat locally and eat seasonally according to your region. Along with doing the best that we can to eat mindfully and with intention of fueling our bodies for energy and optimal health, while tasting amazing and leaving you “wanting” for nothing. I truly believe in all of these eating philosophies but like most people I am not perfect. I have my own struggles with portion control, staying away from vegetarian foods that are high in fat and well…BREAD! At the same time I try to stay balanced and not be too rigid. I slip up all the time from my ideals. This blog is in part to remind myself of all the great reasons to stay on track…80% of the time 🙂
My vision for this blog comes from a passion to share, a general life-long LOVE of food, a desire to always be in the kitchen and a constant curiosity to what’s happening in the health food industry.  I love using classic or traditional recipes that you may have had in childhood and tweak them so that they no longer require animal proteins to make them delicious.
Whether you are a full-on vegetarian or a curious flexitarian needing a recipe ideas for your Meatless Mondays, I hope to inspire your kitchen skills and learn from you along the way.
Happy Mindful Eating!!!
Emily Goulet, RHN

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