Homemade Dairy-free Ice Cream

With summer peaking its head out and pulling us outside into the our backyards, gardens and whatever other warm weather pleasures you enjoy, there is one thing that seems to be synonymous with summer….ice cream!

It is a food that is on many people’s “favourite food” list, adults and children alike.

But the reality is that many people have dairy sensitivities and the remainder of the people have dairy sensitivities and don’t  know it 😦 These sensitivities do not just show up in the form of an upset stomach, there are numerous ways your body can react. Asthma, behavioural issues, mood swings, constant skin irritations (rash, psoriasis, acne) and headaches just to name a few. There is no doubt that dairy is hard on our bodies with all the use of antibiotics and growth hormones used by the dairy industry, harder to digest than even red meat. And don’t even get me started on the treatment of dairy cattle, forced to lactate continuously when their natural biology only requires them to produce milk during and after pregnancy (just like humans!).

But seriously, I intended this post to be light and fun…how am I doing so far?   😉

When you can find a recipe that requires less than 5 ingredients, takes about 10 minutes to make and is incredibly delicious, you must go for it! I first found a version of this frozen banana treat last summer and it has been a hit in my house since then.


FYI- I bought all of  these organic bananas for around $4.00 from my local organic market. Because they were overly ripe they gave me a reduced price.

The directions are pretty straight forward—-peel banana, freeze banana, put ingredients in food processor, stir in favourite toppings and eat. That simple.

Feel free to experiment with different combinations and try reinventing your favourite dairy ice cream at home.

This week I managed a few batches with 3 different combinations; strawberry (everyone 1st choice), Mint Chip and Maple Walnut.


A new trick I tried this year was putting the ice cream into mini mason jars before putting them in the freezer so that they were already portioned out for the kids (and myself). It also makes it easy to grab if you are heading outside in the backyard or to the park for a refreshing and healthy snack!


I have a few flavour ideas that will definitely be created sometime this summer, like Raspberry Cardamom, Maple Peanut Butter, Mango Coconut…and maybe something with pine nuts…I will let you know how they turn out! 


I hope that this simple recipe finds its way into your home (and your belly) this summer.

And if you haven’t already, come join me on Instagram @figbasil for daily food photos and meal inspirations.



Strawberry Dairy-free Ice Cream

Active Time: 5-10 mins plus time to freeze bananas


4-5 ripe bananas, peeled and frozen

2-3 tbsp any nut or seed milk ( I used flax milk but you could use soy, coconut, hemp, almond)

8-10 fresh strawberries, pureed

8-10 fresh or frozen strawberries, cut into small pieces


  • Place your peeled bananas into an air-tight bag and place into freezer until completely frozen. I like to leave them in overnight.
  • When you are ready to make the ice cream, remove the bananas from the bag and chop into larger chunks. Place in a food processor with your milk of choice. Pulse a few times and then put on high speed to puree the bananas into a smooth, creamy texture


  • Pour in pureed strawberries and pulse for another minute.
  • Scrap banana mixture into bowl and gently fold in the strawberry pieces.
  • You could eat immediately but depending how long you have had the bananas out of the freezer, I like to throw the completed ice cream back into the freezer for another 10-20 minutes to get a harder consistency. It stores in the freezer for a very long time…but honestly I actually don’t know how long cause we have never had it in there for longer than a few days 🙂

2 responses

  1. Your photos are beautiful! We love banana ice cream in our house too. Ours never lasts long either! My fave combo is banana and cacao powder. I have never added non-dairy milk. I will have to try your recipe. Strawberries are coming into season here.

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