Holiday Fare

This week I am trying to find the rhythm of my days with the kids not being in school, the beautiful Spring weather begging us to be outside and a rekindled motivation to workout more. So far so good.

With the holiday weekend fast approaching the family meal plan is never far from my mind. It got me thinking…perhaps there are some of you out there looking for alternatives for a traditionally meat-based event. Maybe you are having a vegetarian relative joining for dinner this year or you have a desire to simply try something different. I remember the first holiday dinner that I hosted for my extended family since becoming a vegetarian and it was nerve racking. Luckily for me, I have incredibly openminded in-laws and they welcomed my adventures in kitchen without complaint (well at least none that I heard about 😉 ). Since that first dinner, I have experimented with a few different main dishes and all of them have satiated even the most hungry of my guests.

I will be posting a full dinner menu this Friday to allow you enough time to stock up on supplies. There will be a few delicious side dishes that I have found over the years to be not only scrumptious but simple with lots of steps that can be made ahead of time. As well as the “star” of the show, my Roasted Cauliflower, Spinach and Pecan Torte.

Hope you are enjoying a shorter work week and the hint of Spring in the air!



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